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What is coaching?

Professional athletes, performing artists and entertainers, political figures and other high performing professionals have long known the value of utilizing coaches to achieve a variety of personal and professional goals. Today, executives and professionals are realizing similar benefits by engaging an executive coach. Click here for more on the Benefits of Using a Coach.

When does someone hire a coach?

Clients may choose to work with a coach in order to have a confidant who is totally committed to helping him or her face difficult issues and roadblocks, which may be preventing clients from achieving their desired level of success in some significant aspect of their personal or professional life. In other cases, clients may be facing a period of extraordinary change or transition in their business or personal life and would benefit from having a partner to help them visualize and implement their strategies for change. At times, professionals need a sounding board for ideas and decisions affecting their career or organization that cannot be readily discussed with colleagues or associates within the company or firm.

What do I look for in a coach?

In addition to having a personality and working style that appeals to you, we recommend that a qualified coach must be trained and accredited. Coaches who are certified by the International Coach Federation must complete a rigorous training process and commit to upholding the Coaching Code of Conduct. Protect your investment by hiring a professional.

Coaching Packages:

JumpStart Career Coaching Program: Our JumpStart Career Coaching Program offers a series of 1:1 coaching sessions over a six-week period, specially designed to prepare you for a successful career transition.

Total Results VIP Coaching Program: Our signature Total Results VIP Coaching Program provides private 1:1 coaching sessions over a six month period. Whether you are defining a mission statement, talent strategy, career transition or business plan, this process will help you to focus and determine your best path forward.

Executive Mastermind Group: This special Executive Mastermind Coaching Group is designed especially for experienced business leaders to discuss complex business challenges with other like-minded executives for perspective, alternatives, insight and collaboration on a monthly basis.

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