Blue Mind Science & Philosophy

Learn about the neuroscience of our human connection with water

In recent years, scientific research continues to reveal the positive health benefits of water and ‘blue spaces.’ In his landmark book, Blue Mind, author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols explores the neuroscience of water, and reveals importance of our human connection with water. for improved performance, diminished anxiety, and overall well-being.

This science and philosophy is present in all of the work we do with leaders, teams and organizations.

Blue Health Coaching™ 

A leader explores the littoral zone during a Blue Health Coaching session

Many people struggle for balance and meaning in their busy, sometimes chaotic lives. More than a walk on the beach, Blue Health Coaching can help you navigate complex professional and leadership challenges, by changing your perspective.

As a Blue Health Coach, my work integrates principles of leadership and human development with the inherently transitional and transformative nature of water to help you step out of chaos and reconnect with what matters most to you. Most clients find they are better able to clarify personal mission and values, gain new insights and experience personal health benefits in the process.

Train to become a Certified Blue Health Coach

Ocean Literacy & Advocacy

This Green Sea Turtle comes in for a closer look at divers in Grand Bahama.

As part of our legacy, we offer experiential learning encounters in blue and green spaces. We support projects that provide education, experience and cleanup efforts to protect and preserve our delicate marine eco-systems. A portion of all proceeds supports global efforts for ocean literacy and marine conservation. Among the projects we support are the following non-profit organizations: