Envision the Future: What’s on Your Horizon?

As we look toward the horizon of 2021, it’s important to remember that what we envision as our future will move us closer to our legacy, whether accidentally or intentionally. This year, we introduce a monthly thematic focus, designed to elevate and accelerate growth. In January, our focus is Envision the Future: What’s on Your Horizon in 2021. This theme is all about Visioning & Goal-setting to inspire thoughtful reconnection and passion about what matters most to you. In the coming weeks, look for new tools, tips and techniques to help you #ENVISION your personal, professional and organizational outcomes for the #NewYear2021.

No matter what your aspirations for the New Year may be, goal-setting is a critically fundamental part of turning vision into reality. By setting goals, you will not only gain motivation and self-confidence, but also increase resilience, well-being, and performance (DuBrin, 2012). Elite athletes know the power of integrating visualization and imagery techniques into their goal setting and goal attainment processes. In fact, research shows that using external visual representations and visualization tools can considerably increase the likelihood of successfully reaching a goal (Cheema & Bagchi, 2011).

To help set you up for success in 2021, check out these resources

👀 What’s your biggest, wildest dream?
👀 What would you most like to accomplish in 2021?
👀 What is keeping you from achieving this?
👀 What tools, resources or support would accelerate your achievement?
👀 How will you measure success?

  • Vision Quest Exercise
  • Goals Vision Board
  • Values Vision Board
  • Motivational Vision Board
  • Self-Care Vision Board

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