Discover how a blended learning approach to leadership development combines the best learning practices to make long term memory more reliable by incorporating new information gradually with reinforcements over time. Inspired Leadership offers two sequential learning journeys: Emerging Leaders and Manager to Leader. Contact us or join one of our discussions to learn more!

By participating in our informational session, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the productive power of an engaged and inspired workforce
  • Consider how manager behavior contributes to employee productivity
  • Discover how blended learning can supplement and reinforce leadership development
  • Explore two leadership development journeys integrate best practices to reinforce learning

Join our upcoming info sessions to learn more!

  • Ready to digitize but not convinced e-learning is the silver-bullet?
  • Keen to keep the relationship of a classroom, but realize how unrealistic that is right now?
  • Would love to have coaching in the mix, but how?
  • Know that leadership takes time to develop, but who has time to manage and stick to a longer-term approach?

As a Certified Channel Partner with Inspired Leadership, we offer this world-class blended learning approach to leadership development for emerging leaders and managers in your organization! Schedule your discovery today to learn more.