Navigate your career with our six step process

Whether you are a recent college graduate, a mid-career professional or exploring an encore career, our Career Compass is designed to help you seek greater alignment, satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose in your career in any industry. This six-step process guides participants through successful career transitions at any stage of life. More importantly, once you choose a career path, we’ll help you develop a learning plan to upskill the tools you will need to achieve your dream.

By following this process, participants will become intentional about their search, evaluate goals and aspirations for the next season of their career, polish up a resume and cover letter, enhance social media presence, practice interviewing skills and create a successful transition plan, all in service to achieving that personal mission.

In the process, you will add these new skills to your toolkit:

  • Determine your targeted career destination
  • Develop the path to help you land your dream job
  • Create (or enhance) your personal brand
  • Update your profiles with compelling cover letters, resumes and collateral
  • Practice behavioral interviews and receive immediate feedback
  • Receive support from our network of professional career coaches and recruiters

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