Master the art of public speaking in this live online masterclass series

One of the greatest fears for most people is the fear of public speaking. Fortunately, these skills can be learned and perfected over time with practice.  This interactive course is a hands-on, practical learning experience focused on developing and delivering a targeted presentation for a specific audience, especially in a virtual environment. 

By participating in this live, online 6-part masterclass series, you will be able to:

  1. Develop a well-constructed and easy-to-follow presentation by:
    • Conducting an audience profile to determine the audience’s needs
    • Organizing the content in a memorable way
    • Writing a riveting opening and closing
  2. Deliver your presentation with a polished style by:
    • Managing body language to convey the message
    • Maximizing use of visual aids, media, and the room layout to support topics
    • Boosting body and vocal features to enhance your presentation
    • Learning techniques to reduce anxiety and engage the audience
    • Practicing delivering presentations with a live audience
    • Receiving coaching and feedback for skill improvement

This program is designed for entrepreneurs, business professionals, community leaders or anyone who wants to feel more confident in speaking to groups. 

A webcam and microphone are required for participation for this live online course. Class size is limited to ensure maximum benefit for all participants, so register today!