Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

Learn how to scuba dive safely and at your own pace in three easy steps:

  1. Knowledge Development: Learn the foundational knowledge and principles of diving, according to your learning preference: computer-based online, tablet-based online or classroom. Videos, quizzes and exam reinforce learning and ensure understanding of theory before moving into practical application.
  2. Confined Water Skill Development: Learn the fundamental skills of scuba diving to ensure a safe, fun and ecologically friendly experience. Five practice dives are designed to build fluency and confidence with each skill before moving on to the next step.  These dives are normally conducted in one of our local public swimming pools.
  3. Open Water Skill Evaluation: Once you have mastered each of the fundamental skills, your instructor will schedule two full days to evaluate these same skills in an open water environment.  These dives are normally conducted in Monterey or a local fresh water quarry, as safe conditions permit.