Leave a Legacy.

Leave a Legacy.

What legacy are you leaving by design?

Everyday words and actions create a cumulative impact on the people and environment around us, becoming our legacy over time. On a global scale, our work helps leaders, teams and organizations who are committed to achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to lead transformation and sustainable positive change, we begin with exploring intrinsic motivation: why is this work important to you? what difference are you hoping to make in the world? how does it connect and contribute to our global communities and make the world a better place?

By tuning into your ultimate mission, you can unlock extraordinary results and leave a meaningful legacy by design.

At Blue Horizon Solutions, our mission is to help leaders create a meaningful legacy for future generations, moving collectively toward global Sustainable Development Goals. We work with individuals, teams, B corporations, non-profit organizations and corporations. The common denominator is the human experience.

Our professional coaches offer expertise in facilitating executive visioning and strategic planning, talent management, succession planning and leading transformation.

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This Green Sea Turtle comes in for a closer look at divers in Grand Bahama.

Ocean Literacy & Advocacy

As part of our legacy, we offer experiential learning encounters in blue and green spaces. We support projects that provide education, experience and cleanup efforts to protect and preserve our delicate marine eco-systems. A portion of all proceeds supports global efforts for ocean literacy and marine conservation. Among the projects we support are the following non-profit organizations: