ISTS 39 Workshop: The Critical Need to Evaluate

Does what we do matter? The critical need to evaluate, and how to do it

This full day workshop is designed for the 39th Annual International Sea Turtle Symposium to be held in Charleston, South Carolina, by Shelli Hendricks and Dr. Jack Frazier

Our goal of this full day workshop is to promote recognition of the urgent need for: clear objectives related to marine turtle conservation, cultural, educational, policy, and research activities; objective evaluations of these activities; and thus- informed recalibrations of future work. Ultimately this approach will produce greater influence and broader reach beyond those immediately involved, including potential sponsors.

This workshop is designed to motivate and equip leaders of these activities to define clear objectives, evaluate and report progress, and make continuous improvement on their activities for the benefit of marine turtles, their habitats, the human communities that interact with them, and global conservation initiatives in general.

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn and practice:

  • Developing clear, understandable objectives for activities
  • Developing and employing commonly recommended tools, methods, and processes for evaluating effectiveness
  • Evaluating progress of their activities (events, projects, investigations, etc.), to learn and report how well the objectives are being achieved
  • Recalibrating activities, as well as future evaluations, based on findings
    from evaluation processes
  • Employing an “agile methodology” to integrate continuous learning into a “living document”, or body of knowledge, related to their work
  • Reporting, promoting, and supporting greater, and more effective, communication and collaboration among turtle people and members
    of other communities
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and impact of activities designed, developed, implemented, and supported by turtle people
  • Understanding, appreciating, and behaving in accordance with Anicca

Participants who are selected will be expected to:

  • Contribute to an ongoing internet working group – before and after ISTS 39 – in compiling a lexicon of key terms, sharing lessons learned and best practices, and providing input on workshop development
  • Come prepared, through active communications with the workshop organizers, to present and critique a pre-identified personal project
  • Advocate the benefits of evaluation beyond the scope of the workshop

For more information, please email the workshop organizers at: